Looks like we going to be doing halo games tier lists, so here’s mine:

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Looks like we going to be doing halo games tier lists, so here’s mine:

7. Halo 4

Halo 4 was an ok halo game, promeathans are an ok challenge, but once there’s like 5 of them at one time it’s just annoying if you don’t have a shotgun. Multiplayer wasn’t too good, then again this 343’s first halo game without bungie.

6. Halo 5

Halo 5 was a good step up, yet it lacked a good campaign but good multiplayer. In halo 4 they “killed” cortana, but they brought her back as the main villain with fire team Osiris trying to stop Master Chief, who is searching for cortana. They though it was a good idea to just use the same boss over and over again, the second encounter he gets a new ability, but then after that it’s just the same thing over and over until the final master chief level where you have to fight three Warden Eternals at the same time, great multiplayer though.

5. Halo Reach

A great halo game, don’t get me wrong, but it places 5th because sprint is a bit problematic. Unless they removed double-hitting people (which thankfully they did in halo 5) the multiplayer would be better. Campaign was good, multiple good characters who end up dying, just for you to complete your mission. They all died a hero’s death though. The exclusive guns like plasma repeater and a few others were pretty cool weapons. Great game.

4. Halo 3

Great game, one of the best halo games out there, the brutes are decent enemies, but not like the ones in halo 2 that could tank 10000000 bullets before actually dying. With the prophets betraying the elites, arbiter, my favourite character, and master chief teaming up, it was pretty good. That music for the final warthog run was good. Not much to say, flood weren’t too annoying, pure forms weren’t that strong, good game.

3. Halo CE

Ah yes, the first halo game. This was pretty good, with great characters like cortana, Johnson, and 343 guilty spark. First levels were good until 343 guilty spark, which kinda scared me because I could hear a fire alarm and when I was doing the mission I was alone at home. The flood are more annoying than anything, until you get the shotgun where everything dies in one shotgun shell. Also the first halo game to have that not too hard warthog run, pretty good game.

2. Halo 2

Great game, allowing you to see the covenant’s perspective by playing as arbiter, also known as “thel’ Vadaam”. Arbiter is personally my favourite character, the game also introduced the great and strong battle rifle, a three-bullet burst medium ranged rifle. Oh yeah let’s not forget duel wielding or the SMG, which are great new things added to the game. The flood aren’t too bad, I think it’s cool that they get to use man-made vehicles and weapons on the arbiter missions. Great game.

1. Halo 3: ODST

In my opinion, halo 3 is a great game, where you play as an ODST, which is a wannabe Spartan. Combat is a bit harder, because you can’t really rush big groups of enemies, or you might die. I found it confusing at the end of all the Rookie missions, because the stuff you had to find were kinda hidden. The engineers were cool, flying glowy squids that are very, very intelligent. Not much to say, but great game.


Destiny 1

A good game made by Bungie, lot of people liked it, although I didn’t play it much. I’ve heard the raids are good though.

Destiny 2

Ohhhhhh yes, this game was great. Before the base game, curse of Osiris, and Warmind was removed, Destiny 2 has been kinda empty. I really liked red War (the base game) and Curse of Osiris. Warmind was ok, with the hive being the main enemy and trying to kill a huge worm god. Curse of Osiris was good, although I don’t remember much about it. Ah yes, Red war. I liked this the most about destiny 2, with Ghaul and the red legion being the main enemy. It starts out with people detecting something through a storm, where Zavala comes to the main room to see what’s going on. Your guardian, who is on his way back, makes it right after everything gets to destroyed. But what happened is, Red legion came in a huge fleet and destroyed the Tower, and then after they destroyed a good amount, your arrives. You start out with whatever class you chose, Titan, Warlock, or Hunter (I chose Hunter) and then you have to defend for long enough for most of the civilians to escape. After you meet up with Zavala, he explains that Amanda Holliday is going to get you to the main ship, which happens. Once you get there you disable the main shield, but then you have to destroy the shield engine. After doing that, you get to the front deck, where Ghaul comes shortly before you exited. He then calls you a disgrace, a failure, and undisciplined and a few other things, but he takes away your light (which is what guardians need, look up the lore if you want to find out more) which weakens you. He kicks you around, until you get to the very edge of the ship. He pushes you off with his foot, where your weakened guardian manages to survive a very long fall. I won’t explain anymore, because this would take too long. That’s my tier list and my opinion!


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