The Abberration (the other important story is in rex. They will both be important in the future.)

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The Abberration (the other important story is in rex. They will both be important in the future.)

Chapter 1

A human grabbed a rock drake egg and got onto his rock drake, Feathers. Feathers quickly got out of the nest, as all the angry rock drakes started to chase them.

“Get them!” Said a rock drake. Feathers ran, taking the path that they had taken to get here. The human saw a something they could glide to and point to it. Feathers nodded and jumped up into the air and glided to the metal line, holding what Feathers thought was metal bones. Feathers climbed up the metal line as quick as he could, the other rock drakes behind him. Once they got high enough to glide into the blue zone, Feathers jumped and glided towards it, and then that eventually turned into a dash. Once he got there, he turned around and a rock drake was right next to the edge. Feathers quickly bit it’s head and threw it off into the liquid element.

“Quick, go invisible.” Said the human. Feathers obeyed and went invisible and escaped from the angry mob of rock drakes. Once they got back to the human’s base near the entrance to the blue zone, they put it into a room full of air conditioners. The human put the egg in the middle of the air conditioners. The human touched the egg and felt it.

“30 minutes and the egg will hatch.” Said the human.

“And then we will have to get a reaper king.” Said Feathers.

“And after that we-“ the human’s sentence was cut off by growling.

“Nameless? That’s impossible!” Said the human. The nameless came in a huge group, with multiple alphas.

“We need to protect the egg. That’s the objective.” Said the Human.

“Got it.” Replied Feathers. And then the nameless came, ready for battle.

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