Goliath on Extinction

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Goliath on Extinction

On Extinction, Goliath was faced with more threats then ever. He made his home in the ruins of a building in the sanctuary and hunted its many creatures, including the defence units and enforcers. He used their tek parts to create his own partial armour. He then ventured out into the wasteland, battling hordes of corrupted creatures as he travelled to the desert dome. Once there, he battled the many creatures there before facing the Desert Titan. The battle was hard. He used a giant chunk of building from the sanctuary to knock the Titan to the ground (after many attempts) and then constantly bludgeon it to the point of near death. He then tore off its bottom jaw, punched into its skull and ripped out its brain.

The victorious Goliath then journeyed to the snow dome to battle the Ice Titan. He fought through the many managarmrs and mammoths before finally facing it. The two wrestled ferociously for hours, until Goliath pushed him to the ground and used his club to stun the Titan. He tore off one of its horns and used it to slice open the Ice Titan and punch into its heart.

Goliath then travelled to the Sunken Forest and battled its many creatures, before facing the Forest Titan. Unfortunately for the Titan, Goliath was much bigger and stronger, allowing him to overpower it and tear it apart, completely destroying it.

While out in the wasteland, Goliath encountered a player, his mek and his many tames. Goliath battled through the players army of tames before facing the mek. Goliath quickly tore off its arms and punched into the cockpit, killing the pilot. He stripped the mek of its tek and used it to create his own tek armour. He then tore out the insides of the players tames and splattered the blood over his armour, before facing the king Titan. After a long and epic battle, Goliath brutally ripped open the King Titan, destroying the corruption and saving the world and everything else. Goliath was a god, and he was happy about that.

-Apex (by the way this guy is actually gonna be my crossover character)

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