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Deep in the redwoods of Valguero, a creature lurked, absolutely massive, diplos and brontos were food for it, it stood up to all of the redwoods predators and some say it even faced the Broodmother and won in hand to hand combat, this was confirmed when its rotting corpse was found in Goliaths lair. Goliath was a massive, bipedal creature with a nearly koala like appearance and claws as long as a therizinos. One day, it left the redwoods and journeyed across valguero, slaughtering Rexes, decapitating gigas, wrestling with mammoths and dragging wyverns out of the sky to bludgeon them to death with giant clubs of ice. Somehow, Goliath managed to battle and kill the bosses of valguero, and ascending off to some other Ark, nobody knows exactly where Goliath is now, but all we do know is that he is the mightiest creature on the Ark...

So, what do you think!? (And I do want an answer)


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