The Swampling (I just had to)

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The Swampling (I just had to)

The Swampling is a tiny little fuzz ball that lives in the swamps of whatever planet Fallen World takes place on (I havenโ€™t actually decided the name of the planet). They are very similar to a jerboa in appearance, but have long, furless legs with webbed feet to help them traverse the swamps that they live in. Swamplings live in burrows with others of their kind, they live in โ€˜packsโ€™ with an alpha controlling the rest of them. They are often hunted by creatures like Swamp Badgers, but are known to fight back quite viciously. Swamplings have sharp, pointed claws on their feet, they use these, along with the sharp claws on their forearms, to attack predators. However, the swamplings have two dark secrets: hidden in each of their wrists is a poisonous dart which they can stab predators with, leading to the slow and painful death of whatever was unfortunate enough to get a Swampling angry. The other secret is a pair of huge fangs dripping with deadly venom, so a single bite leads to a slow and painful death.

Bet you werenโ€™t expecting something so cute to be so deadly!


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