The ghoul of the swamp

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The ghoul of the swamp

The ghoul of the swamp was a horrifying humanoid creature that lurked the swamps of the island, hunting the deadliest creatures. Many brave survivors had ventured into the swamps to battle, but all they find are the mutilated and decaying corpses of the ghoul’s kills, then they themselves are added to that collection. Then one day, a brave hunter from the redwoods, named John (yes he is the John from my stories, who died painfully, and then got reincarnated, and blown to a billion pieces by his own grenade. Rip John) came to the swamp, and avoided the ghoul’s traps, only to come to it’s hut, and come face to face with a pile of human corpses, many missing arms, legs and other body parts. He was ambushed by the ghoul, and after a long and hard fight, chopped off its arms and poured titanoboa venom down its throat, and then chopping off its head just before it died.

John then mounted the Ghoul’s head in his hut, which was abandoned after John’s death, and then destroyed in The Judgement of The Island.

-Apex (a little glimpse of what my stories are like, red dragon)

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