Blood Moon

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Blood Moon

Blood Moon was a very dangerous bloodstalker. It would be quite stealthy, and shoot it’s webs quickly. Once the prey got up to the bloodstalker, there was no escape. The webs were far too strong, not even tek could break it! The only way to actually hurt Blood Moon was to try to stab its sharp spike on its leg when it came through the webs. It was said somebody once tamed this bloodstalker, and caused chaos. Luckily, a group of people with gillie armour and snipers were able to shoot the rider. After that, it is unknown what has happened to the bloodstalker. These days, it is only said it appears on blood moons, looking for your base where you keep all of your creatures, ready to get some blood.


(Anyone can use this. Do anything you want to Blood Moon, I don’t care what happens.)

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