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Terran federation

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Terran federation

Chapter 1

I was new to the military. Not too long ago I had completed my training and now I’m a Terran federation soldier. I was given tek armour, and they called me “unit-223.” It seemed a battle was happening, and they needed reinforcements. I decided to join and fight, which might have been a bad or good option, I have yet to figure it out.

“How much longer until we get there?” Asked a soldier.

“Few minutes away, it’s been an hour.” Said the pilot flying the ship. A few minutes we had arrived.

“Get out there and fight!” Yelled the pilot. Everyone jumped out of the ship, and ran to the battle. My tek armour helped me greatly against the bullets from assault rifles, sniper rifles, and other things. I’m not sure why I was instantly given tek, those were for high ranks. Most other people used heavy flak, multi-layered with polymer and other things. And surprisingly, heavy flak was decently light. I shot my tek rifle, killing a few soldiers, but then more came. I ran behind cover, bullets flying past my helmet. I moved slightly out of cover, managing to fire a few bullets before I was shot at. I grabbed one of my tek grenades I had on me, and threw it at the closest soldier. I heard a scream, and then an explosion. I turned on my tek helmet, and I could see multiple enemies. I put my tek rifle away, and grabbed my tek sword, and then rushed towards the enemies, stabbing and killing them. Before I knew it, they were all dead. Little did I know, they were bringing machines to defeat me.

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