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Chapter 2

It was the night when Kyle would stay awake all night. When Tommy had been buried and everybody went to sleep, Kyle stayed awake. He grabbed a spear and sat on a stool just outside his cabin, waiting all night, hours passed and still he saw nothing, until eventually a shadow formed on the ground and rose up out of the ground forming a tall, long fingered, humanoid shape, which walked up to one of the cabins and opened the door, Kyle froze in fear, he was so scared he couldn’t even throw the spear at the creature, then it came out, dragging behind it a body, Kyle was too far away to see who it was and too scared to attack. The creature grabbed the screaming person by their arms and then pulled, yanking off their arms. The person fell to the ground and the creature proceeded to bludgeon them to death. Then it turned to Kyle. It launched itself at him, pulling away his spear and grabbing his throat, it’s grip was so tight that Kyle couldn’t breath at all, he felt like his life was slipping away. Until he heard a voice, the creature dropped him and faded away in seconds. Kyle took a minute to get his breath back, then he ran over to the corpse and saw it was Max, one of his friends, and the voice was Max’s brother. A door opened and someone shouted, “You damn monster, you murdered my brother!!” Kyle turned to see Max’s brother running towards him, fuming. “It’s you!! You’re the killer! You’ve been murdering everybody!”

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