Corrupted Earth

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Corrupted Earth

Episode 15: mission complete (alpha tribe’s POV)

A man in a red and black tek suit sat in a chair. A man in red flak walked in.

“Was the argentavis army enough to tame the desert Titan?” Asked the leader of the alpha tribe.

“Yes, the argentavis army was enough to tame the titan, Malum.” Said the man in flak.

“Good. Anything else?” Asked Malum.

“We have been betrayed by one of our high ranks.” Said the man in flak.

“Which one?” Asked Malum.

“Furcifer.” The man in flak replied.

“He always seemed like a spy, only here to get to a high rank and know a lot about our plans and then betray us, it seems that I am correct.” Said Malum.

“We have news of our base in the wastelands being destroyed.” Said the man in flak.

“What else is there?” Asked Malum.

“There is also a enforcer working for the restistance. He has already killed a good amount of our troops.” Said the man in flak.

“And what is his name?” Malum asked.

“His name is Dasher. It is unknown where he is, or the traitor furcifer, but we will find and kill them eventually.” Said the man in flak.

“Send a search party for them. If they are not found, we will focuse on building the mobile base which I have planned for the desert Titan to hold.” Said Malum.

“Yes, sir!” Said the man in flak.

“Now go, tell them to search for Dasher and furcifer, and have our builders focus on the mobile base.” Malum ordered.

“Yes sir!” The man in flak left the room.

“We will find them eventually, but for now I wait.” Malum said to himself.

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