Corrupted earth

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Corrupted earth

Episode 14: the escape pt. 2

Daniel climbed out of what remained of the bunker, and a good amount of people in red flak armour greeted him.

“Did you kill them, sir?” Asked one of them. Daniel decided to respond.

“Yes, they are all dead. No survivors left.” Daniel replied. Daniel realized that the tek helmet changed his voice to a deeper tone.

“Good. We have a few quetzals left for extraction. I would board one and get out of here.” The same person said, pointing at the huge flying titan that loomed above them. Daniel boarded one of the quetzals, and waited until everyone got on. The quetzals took off into the sky, and that was when Daniel decided to kill everyone on the quetzal and take control of the flyer. Daniel pulled out his red tek rifle, and opened fire on the 5 others who were also on the quetzal.

“W-wait! We’re friendly!” One of them screamed. Daniel was able to defeat all but one of them.

“P-p-please sir, let me live!” Said the remaining enemy. Daniel shot the 5th person, and that’s when he guided the quetzal in a different direction.

“Towards the snow biome.” Daniel said as he steered the quetzal towards that direction. Eventually the quetzal landed for stamina. Daniel was already far away from the desert dome now. He decided to leave the quetzal just in case the alpha tribe used it to try to find Daniel. Daniel gunned down any creature that got in his way, whether it be raptors, dilos, or rexes, they all were defeated. Eventually Daniel made it to the snow dome, where he would make his way to the underground base.

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