Corrupted Earth

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Corrupted Earth

Episode 11: the mission

It was the next day. Dasher was ready for his mission. Daniel approached him.

“I see your going on your first mission. I hear everyone’s ready, so I’ll show you the exit. Dasher followed Daniel to the exit, where everyone was waiting.

“Just on time.” Said one of them. Then, the person who said that walked over to Dasher.

“Name’s Dan.” He said.

“My name is Dasher.” Replied Dasher.

“Well, you arrived just on time, we are going right now.” Said Dan. Everyone headed up the slanted corridor, and when Dasher got out, he had realized the base was underground. Everyone must’ve known where to go, since they headed in the direction of the cave. Though, everyone stayed on the hill, where the alpha tribe couldn’t spot them. Once they got close enough, everyone jumped down and enabled their parachutes. Dasher, on the other hand, had to climb downwards to the cave. Once everyone got close, two manti leaped at the group, but they both missed and were gunned down. Dasher counted how many men were here, and he counted 12 all with flak gear and assault rifles, with fabricated pistols as their secondary weapon. They entered the cave, gunning down everting in sight, and the 3 people with rocket launchers destroying the rubble golems. Eventually they got far, and they saw huge window.

“Dasher, I see an artifact over there, will you go get it?” Dan pointed in the direction. Dasher didn’t respond and ran over in that direction and got the artifact easily. Dasher came running back with the artifact and gave it to Dan.

“Good, I think we are near the end of this cave.” Said Dan. The group continued until they got to the terminal, when they suddenly heard something. Red enforcers with riders in red armour dropped from the ceiling. It was the alpha tribe. How had they known they would be here?

“Surrender here, weaklings.” Said one of them.

“We aren’t going to surrender without a fight.” Said Dan. Then everyone opened fire, and it was chaos. Dasher destroyed any enforcer that got near him, and every unit was shooting anything they could see. Most of the riders were dead, but the enforcers made the deadly mistake of grouping up, and a heavy unit (person with rocket launcher) shot a rocket into the middle, where all them were destroyed. Then, a person that seemed to be dead near the terminal activated the terminal and everyone was teleported.

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