Corrupted Earth

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Corrupted Earth

Episode 6: Exploration

Dasher was still in the city. He was trying to find a way out, it had been a few hours but he finally found a safe way out that wasn’t guarded by the alpha tribe. Once he got into the wastelands, he was greeted by 3 corrupted raptors. The leader of them gave a loud screech, like the one before he had stolen resources from the alpha tribe. Two raptors ran at Dasher. Dasher was able to hit one of the raptor’s leg, staggering it. The other one tried to pounce Dasher, but right before the raptor could hit, Dasher used his dash. He quickly turned around and charged the raptor, which as soon as it turned around it was already dead. The other one was no longer stunned and ran at Dasher. Dasher was able to stab it in the neck and slam it into the ground, confirming it was dead. The final raptor, being the coward it was, ran away. Dasher decided to head towards the desert dome. He set of in that direction, not knowing what kind of surprises would await him. About midway through, a corrupted carno charged Dasher and was able to hit Dasher with its horns.

“Agh!” Dasher said. The Carno charged again, hoping to land another hit. Dasher quickly got up and dashed behind the carno right before it could get to him. Dasher quickly jumped onto the Carno’s back and ripped corrupted skin off until it was dead. Instead, the carno tried to shake Dasher off of its back, so Dasher climbed to the creatures neck and destroyed it. The carno fell to the ground, dead. Dasher got off of the corpse and looked up into the sky. He could see a few pteranodons flying high in the sky, where they wouldn’t notice the enforcer. Dasher killed a few corrupted dilos and raptors on the way, but he eventually made it to the desert dome.

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