Corrupted earth (new story by Lamprey.)

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Corrupted earth (new story by Lamprey.)

Episode 1: the high base

An enforcer was dashing through the city. The enforcer got to a wall, and climbed it.

“Took you long enough, dasher.” Said a human. The humans base was on top of the highest pillar (or house?) in the city. Dasher dropped something, it was a mek blueprint.

“Oooooo, this will be good.” Said the human. Dasher headed back to the dinosaur house, where the human kept his dinosaurs.

“Welcome back, Dasher! What did you do?” Said a snow owl. It was Snow.

“Stole a ascendant mek blueprint from the alpha tribe.” Said Dasher.

“The alpha tribe? How did you get in there?” Asked Snow. Dasher explained everything, the small hole he found to get inside the base, the vault he unlocked to steal the blueprint.

“Wow, that’s amazing.” Said Snow, amazes by Dashers accomplishment. Snow looked over at the window inside the dinosaur house and saw it was nighttime.

“I should rest. It is nighttime.” Said Snow.

“K, the human is calling me. Sleep well, friend.” Said Dasher. Snow was already asleep. Dasher exited the house, and met his owner.

“This is expansive, but high quality. Where exactly did you get this?” Said the human. Dasher explained the story again.

“The alpha tribe might be looking for this...” Said the human.

“They are already at war. I was able to overhear a meeting while I was stealing this, they said they were at war with the red army.” Said Dasher.

“Very well then. Do you think you can steal a few resources for the mek?” Said The human.

“I could probably do it again, but once they notice they lost a few things, they will up the security and I won’t be able to get it again.

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