The Final Arks

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The Final Arks

Book 2: Hunting Giants

Chapter 4

The group were back at their base, a large wooden stone building in a field near the mountain range. They were planning the hunt for the Cave giant, and knew it would be harder than hunting the Mountain Giant. They gathered all their weapons and tames and set off towards the Cave. Meanwhile, however, someone else was planning to hunt the Giant.

In a huge fortress on the side of a mountain, a figure in a black cloak sat on his throne, examining a map of the Island. A man walked up to him.

“Sir?” The man asked.

“What do you want!?” The person on the throne asked.

“These other people, we don’t know who they are, but they’ve killed the Mountain Giant”

The cloaked man cursed and pulled down his hood, revealing a bald head covered in scars.

“We need to kill these people before they get the Cave Giant”

“And how will we do that?”

“I’ll put together an army and go to the Cave before they do” the cloaked man answered.

“Sounds good”

“But then I’ve got something else”

“What?” He asked.

“This” the cloaked man grabbed a sword and decapitated the man in front of him with one swing. He walked across the hall to a huge balcony overlooking a massive camp filled with soldiers and tames.

“SOLDIERS, I AM LORD VAKYR, AND WE ARE GOING TO THE CAVE TO KILL THE CAVE GIANT!!!” A thundering cheer erupted from the crowd as they began to prepare for battle.

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