This argument has gone on for so long now.

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This argument has gone on for so long now. Maybe around a week or more, but this honestly needs to stop. I’ve never seen a argument go on for this long and this should be already ended. Does it really matter who gets the final say? We need to come to a very peaceful agreement (most likely will be hard.) and maybe not try to use smart come backs? Also, DTG what website did you use for the plagiarism test? (hoped I spelled that correctly.) I’m not trying to defend P. Metallica, (do I dare say the shortened version?) I’m just curious. But anyways, we must try our best to come to a peaceful agreement, which will most likely be hard, as I said. So we must stop this war, for this doesn’t represent the community. (I don’t think that part really matters, because who is going to look here and say, “wow this is the community?” Most likely nobody.) but if this goes on for any longer after this, well I tried.


(I bet somebody will make a response to this saying something like “If P. Metallica stops trying to make Einstein responses” and I don’t know what else to put there for a response. Though no hate, nor defending anyone, this just has gone on for too long.)

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