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Dark Fate,

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Dark Fate,


30 years later...

Three obilisks had grew over the past weeks since the battle. Green, blue, and red. A mysterious object formed where the queen died, nobody knows what it does. It was a diamond blotted with yellow spots. Blicket had chosen to keep it and lived near the Green Obelisk on the island where she buried Flame and Wildew. Quinter was with her. Hurricane and Vein had settled

under the Green Obelisk on a small river. Vein was pregnant again. Hurricane has fully healed and was up to full strength. Darkwater lived alone and had a cave on a mountain.

Something is coming to shake the earth.

Something is coming to scorch the ground.

Crystal Isles is falling beneath a deadly quake.

And one more will be lost and not found..

(Dramatic pause)

Hurricane awoke in his hut. A small rumble woke him up. He looked outside and glanced around. It seemed alright under the Green Obelisk, but he saw a dust cloud near the Red Obelisk. The Obelisk lay on the ground.

"Vein. Vein!" Hurricane called, his voice shaking. "Come here!"

Vein strolled out, glancing around worriedly. "What?"

"The Red Obelisk fell!" Hurricane saw the Blue Obelisk crack from far away, making a deafening sound. Vein's eyes widened. "What if the Green Obeli-"

A monstrous sound drowned out her voice. Hurricane froze. Looking up, he saw the Green Obelisk brake in half.

"RUN!" He bellowed, pushing Vein as she stumbled on.

Giant black shards fell from the sky. Hurricane pushed Vein as they dodged the death downfall. He looked up and saw a giant rock falling from the sky, directly on top of them.

'There's no way we can make this!' Hurricane thought with dismay.

'Maybe I can't.. But she can!'

"GO!" Hurricane yelled. "FLY!"

Before she had time to protest, Hurricane grabbed Vein and used the rest of his strength to thrust her out.


Hurricane felt a piercing pain.

And then a shocking darkness.

NEXT(lol I can see DTG crying in a corner rn) IS

"The Last Hope"


"Dragon" section

-Story by Seasnake.

(Ps, Hurricane's new theme song is Bleeding Out by Imagine Dragons.)

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