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Dark Fate

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Dark Fate

Chapter 5

Darkwater heard sounds, faint yelling over the rocks.

"Where are they? Dig! Dig!" Mother.

"I'm trying!" Quinter.

They weren't making progress, there was only huge boulders.

"Dad?" Darkwater squeaked. He saw father's face, but he did not know what happened.


"Dad, wake up!"



Vein must have heard him, because she stopped talking.

"Darkwater!" Her amazed, faint voice sounded.

Even though that was mother, what about father?

"DAD! Please wake up, dad."

What had gotten into him? Oh.

'Is he.. Dead?'

Instinctively, Darkwater felt for broken bones and fractures.

His spine was broken near his tail, and several broken bones across his body.

"Dad?" He asked. But.. What was this, a faint breathing?

"Dad! You're going to be OK, dad!"

Pushing and tearing at the rocks, Darkwater heard his mother.

"Is Hurricane alright?"

Making a little hole for him to crawl through, he dug and dug and felt his mother's talons.

"Where is your father?" Vein asked.

Digging more, Darkwater showed his face and pointed to the seemingly lifeless body.

"Oh, no," Vein's horrified face.. He had to do something.

'My powers?' He thought.

Pushing the stone so mother couldn't see, he crawled towards father.

The breathing had stopped. But his heartbeat was still going!

Trying to make use of his powers, he felt a tingling sensation in his wing talons.

They turned a beautiful green and glowed.

Darkwater put his wing talons on his lungs, spine and all the broken bones. A cut ran across his face, he healed that too.

'Was that my power?'

Coughing, Hurricane looked at Darkwater, who no longer had "healing talons".

"You saved me," he thanked, "I'll keep it a secret."

"I'm okay, Vein!"

Why wasn't he more suprised? Well, Darkwater was happy to have his father back either way.

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