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Ark Tales Chapter 1:Before the war

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Ark Tales Chapter 1:Before the war

Episode 10:Hunt or be hunted

".... ahh ...." Frostbite groaned. "We need help. We can't take you away. If we try, we'll be simple prey. Wingy, go find someone reliable to help us." Featherclaw said. Wingy flew away. "I'll try to get back as soon as possible," he said. A roar broke the silence. Featherclaw looked up: it was the Wyvern from before, who saw them and spat fire at them, as if to tell them they were doomed. Featherclaw ran to take refuge from the flames in a cave. He felt something on his claw: It was a piranha. He tossed it away. He was taken by the Wyvern, who ate it and discovered its hiding place.

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