Paleo Ark:Wild Adventures

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Paleo Ark:Wild Adventures

Episode 1:The Hunt

An adult Iguanodon walks in the jungle.It has lost his pack.Suddenly it hears a roar.Then a second roar.Finally a third roar.The iguanodon starts running fast,but suddenly feels a bite in its tail.It was an Allosaur.Meanwhile,blood comes out of the poor Iguanodon's tail.The herbivore ends up in a praire with Kentrosaurs,Stegosaurs and Diplodochos.The Allosaur stops:2 more come out of the foliage.The three look for old or young specimens,as they are weaker.Without thinking twice,the younger allosaurus goes against a Kentrosaurus,getting killer.Then the other 2 run away but are stopped by a Rex who,with a bite,kills one.The Alpha escapes,with the aim of creating a new pack.

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