Ark Park

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Ark Park

A New Series from the Ark Tales guy

Chapter 1

Bob woked up on the beach with his tribemates.He was on Ragnarok,an Ark knowed for the mythical creatures.They saw a little house. It was abandoned...Suddenly,a Baryonyx appeared from nowhere and killed one of them.Someone shooted a narcotic Arrow.The creature falled. "Hey,you,come with me" sayed a guy with a Tek armor.

-A few minutes later...-

They were on a boat. The Tek guy started to talk: "Hello,my name is Eddy and me and my tribe are making a giant thing,the biggest thing that was maked on the Arks!" "What is?" asked Bob. "Raise your head" answered Eddy.

Above them there was a giant gate,with a big Ark-like logo.

"Welcome to Ark Park" sayed Eddy.

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