Ark Tales Chapter 1:Before The War

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Ark Tales Chapter 1:Before The War

Episode 17:Into the Deep

Featherclaw turned to see what creature attacked the Wyvern.Suddenly,something grabbed her.It was big and feathered."Dad?" asked Featherclaw but nobody answered."Let me Off!" said the Deinonychus but,again,no answers."LET ME OFF!!!!" She screamed.Then she got launched to the ground.The creature was a RockDrake."Hi,my name is Climberfoot,i am a friend of Darkfeather,so i saved you." the Rock Drake said."Oh,Thanks,but do you know the myth about the War?"Asked Featherclaw."Yes,i do.But they day it will destroy Valguero!We can only Save some parts of the Ark,but not everything!I'm sorry!" Climberfoot exclamed.Featherclaw was about to say something,but an evil voice screamed:"YOU'RE MINE NOW!YOU CAN'T HIDE!!!!

-PixelDragon/Ark Tales Guy

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