Ark Park Chapter 3 (Chapter 2 in Allo)

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Ark Park Chapter 3 (Chapter 2 in Allo)

"We're creating creatures from various Arks,but we needed something of new...something more spectacular...with more teeth..." sayed the scientist. "So we've created the Giganotosaurus,a beast almost unstoppable.".


4 Tropeognathus of the Tek tribe were flying in the night sky of Ragnarok. The Volcano was erupting. The Tek riders were transporting the DNA needed for the Giganotosaurus. Suddenly a Tropeognathus deviated, scared by the eruption.A DNA vial falled in the lava,melting.

The riders arrived at the park. "1,2,3...Wait,where is the 4th vial?!? sayed Dr. Vindersync when he seen the riders."It was for make the giga more quiet ... Anyway we can calm it with our technologies"

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