Alongside the Evolved Dossiers,I will make Primal…

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Alongside the Evolved Dossiers,I will make Primal Dossiers,that will show prehistoric creatures that live in the Fallen Ark.


Styracosaurus (Trike section)

Majungasaurus (Carno section)

Lythronax (Rex section)

Brachiosaurus (Bronto section)

Ceratosaurus (Allo section)

Dryosaurus (Gallimimus section)

Velociraptor (Raptor section)

Icthyovenator (Baryonyx section)

Embolotherium (Rhino section)

Mastodon (Mammoth section)

Dinopithecus (Gigantopithecus section)

~The Ark Tales Guy

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