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Ark Tales Chapter 1:Before the war

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Ark Tales Chapter 1:Before the war

Episode 7:The fight

"If we prevent the rivalry between biomes, there will be no war!" Frostbite exclaimed. "You are so skeptical ... I challenge you!" Crossteeth answered him. Poisonous Wyvern threw the counter to the ground, throwing Wingy into a barrel of Mejo-beer. The Microraptor came out of the barrel, running all over the place and yelling loudly "AHHHH! I'm wet! Who's got a towel?!?!?" Meanwhile Frostbite and Crossteeth fought while Featherclaw was temporarily taken offside. the fight lasted for 40 minutes until Featherclaw jumped on Crossteeth and Frostbite froze his neck and part of his head, knocking him to the ground. Everyone cheered. The trio left. "Never trust a Wyvern," Featherclaw told Wingy, who was about to say something to him but asked "Can you smell this burning stink too ???"

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