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The Sea Of Despair

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The Sea Of Despair

Chapter two

The creature moved forward, snarling and hissing,

“Stay back!!” Sarah shouted at the creature, but it ignored her and continued towards them.

“Dang it! Why isn’t it stopping!” She shouted. Aidan got out his crossbow, loaded an arrow and took aim, pointing the weapon directly at its head, he then loaded another arrow, and got ready to shoot.

“What is it?” Kalmar asked,

“It’s the Desert Ghoul, a ferocious hunter that won’t stop till its killed everything in its vicinity” Sarah said.

“Oh well, it sounds nice, but it won’t be doing that anymore!” Aidan shouted as he prepared to fire the arrow. The creature began to hiss, and then screeched, opening its mouth wide just at the same moment that Aidan fired an arrow at its head...

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