The birth of a queen

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The birth of a queen


“You’ve got until twilight to bring the head of the crystal spino’s head, or you’ll be dead!”

“That’s barely anytime!”

“You can try your chances with the beast, or leave this kingdom, your choice”

“Very well, I’ll try my best” the dark gray, crimson crystal crowned wyvern scoffed. He left the throne room, flying away towards the swamps.

Chapter 1: the crystal lands

Sera woke to a raindrop falling on her head. She got to her feet, looking up at the dewdrop, grabbing a leaf to scoop the water drop of her head. Placing the leaf on the ground, she lapped at it, hydrating herself. She then smelled the air, hoping to smell prey. But instead she finds a small, baby glowbug, grabbing it in her jaws, and swallowing it. Now she was atleast fed and hydrated for the day!

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