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The Crystal Queen

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The Crystal Queen

Chapter 16

Suddenly, the gates to the castle opened. Then the dodorex ran out of the gates. The Queen swooped down in attempt to break its spin, but the dodorex jumped out of the way and breathed fire on the Queen. The Queen dodged the dodorex’s fire, but only got nicked by it. The Queen breathed fire while flying towards the dodorex, making it impossible to dodge. The dodorex tried to dodge the fire but got hit severely. The dodorex roared and the gates to the castle opened, and the dodorex entered the dark abyss. The humans started to send in catapults, and when the Queen saw this she instantly escaped the area. She started to fly back, but she got almost got by 3 catapults, barely dodging them. An hour later, she made it back to her palace.

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