Ark chapter 3: clan wars.

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Ark chapter 3: clan wars.

This was kinda strange. I went from talking about my self when I was 11 and now when I was 25. The clans of the crystal isle had made a war.

“Burning forests everywhere. Blood on every one of the human bases.” Mom sayd in a cold voice.

I suddenly felt like I turned into ice.

“That means that one blond surviver is in danger!” I screamed.

“He was not your friend! So forget about him!” Mom shouted. I was both sad and mad. But I shouldn’t had done what I did. I turned around... and then faster then the old leader of crystal wyvern’s could react.

I jump’t on her chest... and then, after a bit.

Her chest had been stabbed by a rock.

“Now I! Can find my friend! Without enyone in my way!” I shouted as I walkt away.


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