Ark chapter 2: the three crystal clans.

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Ark chapter 2: the three crystal clans.

While my mom was getting ready for the clan meeting I was still laying down on the floor. It is confusing for me to know that I remember that... but whatever.

“Darling! Time to wake up, you need to be at the clan meeting! Come on wake up!”

Mom is not going to let me sleep under a clan meeting so. I was gonna get shot with fire, tropical water or blood sting. Well reverset blood sting as it normally takes blood from the enemy.

“I’m awake.” I sayd after just getting showerd in flames. About two hours later we were heading home from the clan meeting.

“Mom? What clan are we in?”

I asked my mom.

“We are not a clan. Well, you are not a part of a clan. You are just a heir. You will get the crown after me!

You will rule all of the clans that day!”


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