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The Crystal Lands

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The Crystal Lands

Chapter 20

Vein stumbled out of the tunnel-cave. Storm flapped in a sort of sad way. His eyes were wet. As they got to the edge of the hollow, they saw Blicket, Quinter and the shape of Flame, cutting a tree? What?

"Hey," Storm greeted them, looking at his wing talons.

"Hi.. Uh, where's Hurricane?" Blicket asked.

As Vein explained, Flame brought back the trees. She explained to him too.

"Why the wood?" Quinter asked as he set the "Ice" egg down.

"Hurricane told me that Ember eggs hatching needed fire." He explained.

Storm cryed even more.

"Let me go!" Hurricane's throat hurt after hours of yelling. They had brought him down to another cave, on the edge of the Desert. It was really dark, and they put him in a metal cage. He had tried to freeze it and brake the bars, but no use.

The Crystal Queen walked in royally, blood heirs guarding her path.

"Hello, wyvernet," she hissed, "you and your brother, and that other wyvernet, will soon be part of the Hivemind."

I NEED YOUR HELP! Who should I pair Vein with, Storm or Hurricane? Ill put the names down in name suggestions so you can 🔞 which. No ðŸ”― tho, makes it confusing.

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