The Crystal Lands

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The Crystal Lands

Chapter 15

Vein looked around. She saw a huge, but old blood wyvern staring at her.

"I've been waiting." She said, her croaky voice still strong with the magic. Vein looked around. It was a black void, but there was a floor she stood on, it was blood-colored.

Blood moved forward. Vein followed. "How did you know I was coming?" She asked. "I watch all. I know every one of the secrets, what you think, what you do."

"Oh, wow!" She said, suprised. Blood let out a dark warning.

"But I must warn you, this world is not what it seems.

Your fate will fall,

And the Crystal Queen will rise.

Unless you go forward,

With her demise.

The blood, the tropic, the ember

Will fall unless you cam dismember

The Crystal Queen

Is not who she seems."

As she finished, Vein fell into a dreamless sleep.

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