A trail of blood

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A trail of blood

Chapter 4

Arac woke up to a slight tap on her flank. She opened her eyes to see Eden holding a procoptodon in his mouth. It had gone about a week or two since the two meet, and during the time together, they had formed a strong bond, Eden teaching her how to hunt in the mountain areas, and Arac teaching Eden how to hunt more effectively in the pine forest. The two of them normally shared large meals, like stegos and trikes, but sometimes the two ate separate meals, like procoptodons or argents. Together, the two had developed a great hunting tactic, boosting they’re success with hunting by nearly three times. Even when Eden’s nest had stopped burning, he stayed with Arac, the two had formed an unbreakable bond.

“Wanna train forest hunting later?” Arac asked as she started eating the fresh corpse In front of her.


“You seem a little tired today, had a hard time sleeping?”

“Just got into a fight with a rex” Eden grunted.

“That’ll be a problem, we should drive it off before it steals all our prey.”

“Agreed, but first I need some rest, can you maybe catch something for the evening?”

“Will do!” Arac said, as she walked out of the cave, and started wandering down the path leading to the pine forest. The mountains towered above the forest covered valley, the fresh smell of dew filling Arac’s nostrils. She stalked through the forest, spotting a theri.

“That’ll make good prey” Arac said to herself, slowly approaching the large, feathered lizard. She swiftly grabbed it’s neck, breaking it, then began dragging it home.

When she got home, Eden was still resting, so she dropped the theri on the floor, and lay down next to him, and fell asleep.

She woke up once again to the gentle tap of a claw on her flank. She got to her feet and opened her eyes, shacking the sleepiness from her brain. The two beast walked up the mountain, the snow under they’re feet crunching below they’re weight. Eventually, they reached the plato, where a quite large rex lay sleeping. The two approached quietly. Once they were close enough, they charged the rex, grabbing on to it’s neck with they’re powerful jaws, pinning it down, scratching and clawing at its body. It got to it’s feet, gave one last growl, and then flees the area, leaving Arac and Eden triumphant.


Think it’s worth mentioning that brutes, X, R and alpha creatures are a natural part of this ecosystem! So they will be a part of this story! Thank for reading!

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