A trail of blood

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A trail of blood

Chapter 1

Arac woke up to the sound of rain washing down on her scales. The foggy morning irritated her, blocking her view. She got to her feet, and started walking towards the nearby forest. The mountains around her reached towards the sky, and got lower and lower until it sprouted into a large dense forest. The wet grass beneath her feet felt soothing as she wandered through the dense vegetation. Vines hung from the tree crowns, and the smell of dew filler Arac’s nostril's. She continued walking, eventually reaching a clearing, with less dense vegetation, mountain chains towering around, trees and bushes surrounding the hollow. Arac crouched down to drink out of the little puddle in the clearings middle. She rises back to her feet, opening his mouth, the smells of the forest flowing into her mouth. She started wandering to where she smelled possible prey. She arrived by a nest, possibly a trike nest. She grabbed an egg, an dropped it on the ground, breaking it. She then slurped up the eggs resources and continued on her hunt.


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