The Hunt 3:

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The Hunt 3:

Careful, it could be watching us, muttered scar.

What is watching us!? Shadow barked back.

We don’t know what IT is! For all we know, it’s some pagan god! Or maybe a demon in Chinese mythology! We know nothing about it!

We know it can kill, scar whispered

Shadow retorted angrily:Wow! You just reduced our search to 99% of the population!

Suddenly a giant spider fell from the ceiling, it was green with its front off the ground, a telltale sign that danger was afoot, it was angry.

Who dares enter my domain!? Screeched the broodmother in all her fury. You see, I have control! Attack my children!

As the broodmother walked back into the shadows, thousands of araneos crawled from everywhere, the ceiling, holes in the cave coming from all directions, eventually the night was over, the spiders, being used to the dark. We’re in agony from the brightness of the morning sun

Now’s our chance! Scar shouted, as they all ran away from the screeching spiders, retreating into the burrow.


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