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The clash of the bio Titans

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The clash of the bio Titans

Chapter fourteen (prepare for some sad stuff)

The giant silvery bio Titan wrestled with the dragon one as Sam and Aidan stood there, awestruck, watching them battle. The giant dragon blasted fire and lightning at the silvery one, burning it badly, but then the it reacted furiously, grabbing the dragon and throwing it to the ground. The dragon moaned as it was grabbed and thrown.

“Get out of the way!!” Aidan yelled as the dragon was thrown. He jumped out of the way, but Sam was frozen in fear, and the tip of the dragons tail hit him with so much force that he was sent flying into a rock, which he hit with a sickening thud.

“SAM!!!” Aidan yelled, running to help him.

“Are you ok Sam?” He asked.

“No” he said quietly, struggling to breath. “There’s no way you can help me, release my tames into the wild, burn my body.”

“No! I won’t, I can’t...” then Aidan started crying, tears rolled down his cheek as Sam let out his last words,

“Goodbye Aidan” then Sam let out his last breath, and died.

“goodbye Sam” Aidan said through bouts of crying. Aidan turned to the giant silvery creature, and cursed. He pulled out his mega bow and fired an arrow directly into its eye, causing it to yell in pain. This gave the dragon monster time to get up and blast fire at the creatures chest, followed by lightning, and then acid. The silvery monster took a few steps backwards, a gaping hole in its chest made its heart easily visible. Aidan pulled out his blood blade and threw it like a javelin straight at its heart, it met its target and the silvery bio Titan fell backwards as the blood blade pierced its heart. The dragon than let out a blast of lightning that struck its heart, destroying it, and instantly killing the silvery bio Titan.

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