The clash of the bio Titans

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The clash of the bio Titans

Chapter thirteen (get ready for another Titan death)

Just as the dragon bio Titan was about to finish off the insect one, the giant silvery one appeared and knocked the dragon aside, allowing it to kill the insect one. It grabbed one of its front legs, and ripped it all off, it flipped over the giant insect and stabbed its soft underbelly, it hit right where the heart was, and destroyed it, the silvery bio Titan then pushed the leg in further, and completely skewered the insect Titan. It lifted up the leg, with the immense insect stuck on the end. It roared victoriously and spun around to face the dragon Titan, using the insect ones body as a bludgeon to strike it just as it was about to attack, knocking it backwards. The silvery one knew it was going to win, and approached the weakened Titan.

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