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The clash of the bio titans

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The clash of the bio titans

Chapter twelve (sorry about the gruesome death in chapter eleven, there’ll be a little bit more gruesomeness in this chapter, so get ready)

The dragon shoved one of its front legs into the gorillas chest, and pulled out its heart, before swallowing it whole (terminator reference). The dragon turned to the insect one and shot a bolt of lightning at it, knocking it backwards and burning it, it then blasted fire at it, setting its exoskeleton on fire. It roared gleefully and walked towards the wounded bio Titan, preparing to strike.

The silvery bio Titan stomped through the forest, destroying trees as it walked, it had managed to smell the other three bio titans battling, but soon caught the smell of death, and knew one was already dead. After a while of walking, it finally found the battlefield, it could see that the insect bio Titan was struggling against the dragon bio Titan, the most powerful of the four, and knew it was time to intervene.


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