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The clash of the bio-titans

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The clash of the bio-titans

Chapter ten

Sam and Aidan scrambled through the forest, trying to get a safe distance away from the giant creatures that were battling each other.

“What are they!?” Aidan asked.

“Who the heck cares what they are, they’ve destroyed my house!!” Sam yelled.

“Who cares about your stupid house, they’re gonna tear us to shreds if we’re not careful!”

“I know that!! So let’s get out of here!”

“NO!!” Aidan shouted.

“What do you mean!?” Sam asked.

“Let’s see who wins.”

“Very well then” Sam said grudgingly. Then suddenly, they heard a roar that could level forests, and looked up to see an immense, dragon like creature with four wings and poisonous acid dripping out of its mouth...

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