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The clash of the bio-titans

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The clash of the bio-titans

Chapter four

On top of the mountain range that Sam and Aidan had seen when they first came to the mysterious new island, there was a loud, thunderous rumble, and three giant creatures emerged from their prisons, the bio-Titans. A huge crack appeared in the tallest, coldest mountain, and a huge, gorilla like bio-Titan crawled out of the crack, thumping its chest and roaring victoriously. In one of the deepest caverns under the mountain, the cave wall cracked open, and a huge, insect like creature burst out of the ground, screeching furiously. In the crater of the mysterious islandโ€™s largest volcano, a huge crack opened, and a giant dragon like creature emerged from it, breathing blasts of fire, lightning and poison into the air victoriously. The three bio-Titans had emerged, and that meant the end of all life on the mysterious island as they hunted down and destroyed each other, wiping out everything in there paths.

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