Extingtion chapter 3: poison fangs and stiky webs.

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Extingtion chapter 3: poison fangs and stiky webs.

Well with all artifacts to fight the broodmother and having our megatheriums ready we were heading to the green ob.

-i have Been wondering for a long time now to ask this. I told the leader.

-what is it? The leader replide with a dark voice.

-why arent we flying? Like we have a bunch of argys and we can cryopod the megatheriums. I spatt out to much i fink in that part but the leader replide in a calm voice.

-No need to. So we walkt about over the full Islands side sins we wanted to avoid geting in the way of a raid.

Later we teleported to the arena, all the megatheriums got there bug race upp and the wepons were ready.

-ill take out my tek rifle! I shooted in the arena so every one was ready for it. I Quick shot had so much power that it blow upp one of the legs! I hade never felt so much power... and then the megatheriums slaterd the broodmother.

Well next chapter is in Rex storys and this was made by krill

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