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How to tame bronto

Where to find:

Bronto can be foind in beaches and herbivore island

Taming detals:

Bronto are knockout tames and they eat berries


Brontos do knockback, lots of damage and they have very high torpor an they are large so it's difficult to trap them and it will tame almost an hour to tame them


Brontos are slow so you can outrun them and there torpor drains slow so you dont need to feed it narcotics

Abilities when tamed:

Brontos can destroy many bushes and trees in 1 swing of its its tail and it can damge creatures by walking on them and they have a platform saddle so they can carry massive amounts of weight

Disabilities when tamed:

Brontos are slow and have terrible oxygen so they drown quickly and when you're riding it you cant see the creatures infrot of you

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