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1. Get at least 50 tranq arrows with a bow/crossbow

2. Find a cliff and find a bronto near you (MAKE SURE THERES NONE NEXT TO HIM)

3. Prepare for battle, also make sure he won’t run into the water cause he will drown if he gets knocked out there.

4. ATTACK! Try for the head, it’s most useful.

5. Soon enough the giant beast will fall to the ground! Hop down off the cliff and admire the lump on the sand

6. Now fill him up with berries by the hundreds (I used 1500) But I didn’t need that much.

7. Now wait, get rid of all threats to your friend and protect him!

8. After maybe 20-30 minutes you’ll have a big ol’ protecter.

9. Bring him home and introduce him to your friends!

10. You can do it! Level 20 can do it. Flyers are useful if he gets to close. PLEASE READ

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