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How to tame a bronto!

This beast is imposing, and has a powerful attack. But tamed, it has many uses. First, we should tame them. Let’s prepare!

Brontos are giant, powerful herbivores, towering over the annoying diplos. They are mainly found on the many beaches, but there can be found surely on a few spawns in the southern islets and the middle of the southern jungle.

The materials:

A few hundred tranqs with a crossbow. Use Dododex, and better safe than sorry!

Some narcs, but their torpor drops slowly.

A cliff or tapejara.

Some crossbows and a mount, best be a flyer.


You need to stand on the tapejara whistled on follow. Face away from the bronto, change to the back seat, and shoot until it is sleeping.

Also, you can call the bronto’s attention from a cliff and shoot.

Remember, watch out for carnivores. These could kill you, your mount, and the bronto!


It can gather tons of berries.

It carries a lot, and can have a platform with a small base.

It can yeet stuff into oblivion.

It has a lot of health, best for tanking.

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