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This simply amazing creature in the ark world is the brontosaurus. This creature can mostly spawn anywhere and isn't extremely rare. To knock one out the best strategy I've found is to shoot it twice and get on a dino that is relatively quick and run away for a few seconds (very useful because it gives the narco time to take affect) next you get of the Dino again and shoot it two more times (or more depending on your distance from the brontosaurus). It does take quite a bit but afterward throw some carbonimius kibble or some mejoberries in it and wait for a bit. After you tame it the best thing it's for is the massive amount of berrys you can get by swinging your tail at a large group of bushes. It's also convenient because you can put a platform on its back to place strucures on. Finally it is very good at attacking thing because it knocks them back really far and does a lot of damage. That's pretty much all you need to know about taming and using the great brontosaurus!!!

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