Jointed mysteries

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Jointed mysteries

I’m going to show u mess ups they did.

Mess up 1.

Nararater: Fury came out of the-WHAT THE?

Fury: *roar* : false alarm i didn’t just go to bathroom 😝

Anubis: *roar* what yeh guys doin?

Nararater: stop bein goofy and start ACTING!!

Fury: *roar* fine, don’t blame me, blame him.

Nararater: ok- Fury went out for the den, walking up to- ANUBIS? WHERE ARE YOU GOIN???

Anubis: *roar* to the bathroom.

Nararater: get back to ACTING!!

Anubis: *roar* fine, blame Fury though.

Nararater: ok- Fury- Really Fury? Right now you have to??

Fury: *roar* yes I do.

Nararater: ugh, we’ll never get this finished…

Intill next time on jointed mysteries! -SpecialRaptor/sneakystripes

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