Jointed mysteries

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Jointed mysteries

Woah, interesting..a Pego world..let’s write about it! -SpecialRaptor

Chapter 12

They walked a bit closer. “Well?” Said Mia. “What now?” Sorrow finished. “Now,” continued Fury. “We ask, who has..THE RUNE.” Said Fury. “ok.” Said Mia. They walked a little closer. “Who has the rune!?” Sorrow roared. “Huh?” One Pego said. “What..RUNE?” It finished. “The green crystal.” Said Fury. “Oh, this one?” The Pego said. “Yes. Now give it back to us!” Roared Sorrow. “Not so fast, you have to trade us for it.” The Pego said again. “No! Give! It! Back! Now!!” Roared Sorrow. “Nah, not like that.” Sorrow stepped closer. Then ran after the defenseless Pego. “Give it to me!” He roared again. “Never!!” Roared the Pego. “Sorrow, leave it alone.” Anubis said calmly. “No!” Roared Sorrow. “Oh well, I’ll trade you my silica pearls.” Mia said. “Silica pearls?” Said the Pego. “Yes please!” It gave us the rune and Mia gave it silica pearls. “Thank you!” It said. “Your welcome!” Mia said back. “See? Not so hard.” She said again. “Fine. You get it this time.” Sorrow calmly walked back towards them. “We need the riddle.” Fury said. “The riddle eh?” It said back.

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