Jointed mysteries

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Jointed mysteries

Im not talking :-p -SpecialRaptor/sneakystripes

Chapter 10

Claws rattling, scales bleeding, blood swinged everywhere. Soldiers died as they fought. The heros would win. The velonasaurs didn’t stand a chance against the heros of Crystal isles. “Yes! Half of them are down!” Mia yelled. “Yes half of them. But not the reaper.” Fury said. They started charging towards the reaper. Shuttle held the reaper for Fury to bite him. “YOW!” the reaper roared. Joe exclaimed that the reaper couldn’t be held for long, but can be stopped. “How then?” Fury looked at the map. “Not the time Fur- Joe got interrupted by Fury -shh, I got this.” Fury finished. “Got wha-whatever.” Joe changed his mind in talking. “(Gasp) there’s lava near by! Lead him to it!” Fury yelled. They led the reaper to the lava. Shuttle held the reaper. “WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT! Fine! You win! I’ll give you the riddle! Follow me.” The reaper said. “Ok.” Fury said back. They followed him. “Here.” They read the riddle.

“Tiny little things, little tiny stealers.”

“Find them in caves, and they’ll steal your stuff.”

“If they steal your stuff, you’ll have to make a dealer.”

‘What does it mean when it says dealer?’ Fury thought. ‘Oh! Make a deal with them! But what are they?’ Fury thought again. “Pegomastax..” Sorow said. No one else answered. “Well, I guess the next guardian is in caves.” Shuttle said. So they went on.

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