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“Where the river runs red” (chap4)

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“Where the river runs red” (chap4)

Outside the building is a small patrol group all on raptors. One extra for bob. “We have orders to take you to the swamp front correct?” One of them asks. “Yes I do.” Bob replies as he mounts the raptor. The group begin to descend into the trenches as the ride to the front. The closer they get the more eerie it becomes. The sky is a dusty grey color and two months of war near a swamp has caused the trenches to become soggy and infested with compys. The war has also caused the soldiers pain. Many of them staring into space or trying to sleep on the soggy muddy ground. None speak. Soon enough the patrol reaches a ladder. “We drop you here. The loyalists have a trench half way in the swamp. We think it’s abandoned though. Probably digging in somewhere else.You continue on foot from here. May the oversear bless you safe passage.” The patrol leader says as bob climbs the ladder. And into the no mans land ahead.

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