A song of compys and gigas(chap16)

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A song of compys and gigas(chap16)

The second day of battle has come. The main objective is to take the small pathway that leads to the volcano rim and attempt to gain a foothold on the volcano itself. As the first forces grapple their way into the rocky side. INVs defenders open fire. When each soldier falls. Another takes his place. The main force fights ruthlessly up the pathway. Bob hears a soldier over the intercom let out a gastly scream as a bullet hits him in the belly. The main generals at this point have been relocated back into the redwoods for their own safety as INV quetz bombs the confederate camp. Bob is not too fond of his relocation. When he received word earlier that Charlotte was at the front. Bob put in a request to join her. Soon enough. A soldier walks into bobs office. โ€œYour request went through. You have an igguanadon waiting outsideโ€. Bob then packs his gun and puts on his metal armor and walks outside. He will now see the horrors for himself...

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